Mixed Signal and Embedded Design

Mixed Signal/Anolog
  • Hi performance Mixed Signal Board Designs
  • Data Acquisition
  • signal Processing
  • Mixed Signal Characterisation
Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Partner
  • Dexcel Designs

Cable Assembly and Harnessing

  • Spacecraft Harness is one of the important element part of the electrical distribution system (EDS) interconnecting all the units/packages electrically to meet the functional needs of the overall mission of the Spacecraft
  • Spacecraft Harness comprises of Space/MIL grade Connectors, contacts (terminals), and wires as major elements
  • Orientation and Certification Programme comprising of three weeks on Spacecraft Harness Design, Implementation process and Qualification by URSC to the vender
  • We have required tools & necessary accessories to carry out Spacecraft Harness Realization.
  • Fabrication Worksheet records of Harness Connectors & Continuity and Isolation check Test report documents prepared
  • We have partnered with EtoE Interconnections Pvt Ltd offers Interconnect Solutions for cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, sub systems, and turn-key projects, in the area of Military, Aerospace, and Marine sectors.
Aidiall is Joint Venture between Aidin and Radiall S.A France

Capabilities of Aidiall :

  • Delivery of all types of RF cable assemblies
  • Hand formable
  • Semi Rigid
  • Corrugated Super Flex
  • RF Ultra Low Loss assemblies
  • We have all the required Test Equipment including VNA upto 20 GHz and perform almost all environmental tests at our facility
  • Using our own make/design of Connectors, Cables and Processes for seamless signal path and best in class RF performance. Full technical back up from Radiall S.A France. All operators on Ultra Low loss line are trained and certified by Radiall S.A

Offset Management

Aidin has been audited and licensed by Indian MOD for offset Sub-System Manufacturing. We have also been chosen as the Primary Sourcing Partner by major US Defense contractor for managing their India offset Programs.

  • Single point of contact serving as Tier-1 Supplier
  • Complete logistics support
  • Tier-2,3.. Vendor coordination
  • Classified as MSME for Offset Credit Multipliers

Obsolesce Mitigation

We provide obsolescence management through repair and refurbishment. Redesigning and Retro fitment is critical for Life-Cycle-Management

  • Maintain Form-Fit-Function as per requirement
  • Design simplification, enhancement
  • Newer components for life-cycle enhancement